At Klika we provide extensive warranty and after sales customer support for all gazebos and tents.

This includes warranty on all parts against faulty workmanship or manufacturing.

Outdoor items including gazebos, tents, and umbrellas must be securely tied down.
Klika will not be liable for damage to items which have been blown away by the wind or damage to persons or property caused by the item which was not sufficiently secured against weather.

Klika will not cover specific warranty claims on products including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Damage caused by the product not being secured properly as required
  • Physical damage caused by use during inclement weather
  • Physical damage caused by misuse of the product
  • Physical damage caused by incorrect erection of the product
  • Physical damage caused accidentally or purposefully
  • Physical damage caused by the item blowing away under windy conditions

Gazebos / Marquees should be considered as a temporary structure.

Although these products are designed to withstand mild weather conditions including light winds and rain, they are not designed and sold to be used as a permanent or semi-permanent structure but rather as an occasional use item. As a general rule it is considered that the structure be used for day or night events but not left erected for days, weeks, or months etc.

Outdoor structures must be securely fixed: Due to the size of this item it is not possible to determine the type of fixing that may be required in all circumstances and uses.

It is important for the user to determine how and where the item is used and to be aware that the structure needs to be adequately secured to prevent damage to the structure and/or injury to people due to wind.

Suggestions: In some circumstances (eg: wind-sheltered courtyards) it may be adequate to use sandbags and light guy ropes to secure the item.

The user needs to keep in mind that marquees have a large surface area and may need to be tied down to fixed structures, heavy sandbags, or a combination of both to prevent damage from wind.

Adequate measures required to secure the structure under the circumstances of its use are left to the end user to decide.

Limited Liability: In no event shall KMate/Klika be liable for any accidental, consequential, incidental or indirect damages of any kind (including without limitation, damages for loss of business etc) arising out of the use or of the inability to use the product.

In no event shall KMate/Klika's liability for any claims whether in contract, tort or other theory of liability exceed the purchase price of the products unless such limitation of liability is otherwise prohibited by law.

To initiate a return please open a new support ticket in our support portal: click here.


This is a category specific detailed warranty document highlighting specific problems only. The warranty and warranty exclusions include, but are not limited to the conditions mentioned.

For general warranty and return procedures please refer to our full warranty document.