At Klika we provide extensive warranty and after sales customer support for all pool cover purchases.

This includes warranty on faulty workmanship or manufacturing only.

UV damage to pool covers:

Improper installation or storage of a pool cover may result in damage or degradation to the cover.

Dried, cracked, hardened areas, or broken insulation bubbles will not be covered under warranty as this is caused by incorrect use or storage:

Installation over the pool:
Pool covers must lay flat on the water surface with the bubble side down.
Folds in the cover or large air bubbles under the cover prevent the cover from laying flat on the water and may cause the cover to overheat which may cause damage to the cover in that area.

Storage off the pool:

When the cover is stored off the pool it must be stored rolled, not folded, and be kept out of sunlight and excessive heat until it is installed back onto the pool surface.

Cuts and tears:
In most cases the cover will need to be cut to fit the pool correctly and lay flat on the water.
Warranty does not apply to the cover ripping or tearing where the cover has been cut to a shape which causes added stress on the cover when the cover is being removed or replaced on the pool.
If the cover needs to be cut to a shape other than rectangular the customer should determine the best way to remove and replace the cover on the pool surface with each use. Warranty will not apply to tears on non-rectangular cut covers.

To initiate a return please open a new support ticket in our support portal: click here.


This is a category specific detailed warranty document highlighting specific problems only. The warranty and warranty exclusions include, but are not limited to the conditions mentioned.

For general warranty and return procedures please refer to our full warranty document.