At Klika we provide extensive warranty and after sales customer support for all fuel-powered equipment.

This includes warranty on all parts against faulty workmanship or manufacturing.

Klika will not cover specific warranty claims on products including, but not limited to, the following:

Damage caused by incorrect fuel use:
In particular, petrol engines which require 2-stroke fuel to operate will not be covered under warranty after being used with the incorrect fuel-to-oil ratio being used.

2-stroke engines generally require a 25:1 mix of unleaded petrol to oil being used as the fuel. The oil must be of the specific type which is designed as an additive to petrol for 2-stroke engines.
This oil is commonly available from almost any petrol station or hardware store throughout Australia.

Inability to start due to incorrect tuning, starting procedure, or dirty filters:
All petrol engines require general maintenance and cleaning and servicing to keep running. This general maintenance service is not provided as part of the warranty.
Problems arising from incorrect or lack of regular maintenance are not covered by warranty.

Product which has been stored for long periods with fuel in the tank:

Equipment should be emptied of all fuel from the engine and then run until they are out of fuel before storing away unused for long periods of time (generally more then 2 weeks)

Leaving fuel in engines and carburetors to dry out will leave a thick, sticky oil in the system (especially in the case of 2-stroke engines) which will greatly increase the difficulty to start the engine.

Product not maintained, oiled, and cleaned:

All attachments driven by engines require general maintenance, inspection, and oiling to ensure they run smoothly.
Failure of any engine driven components which have not been correctly maintained and lubricated is not covered by warranty.

To initiate a return please open a new support ticket in our support portal: click here.


This is a category specific detailed warranty document highlighting specific problems only. The warranty and warranty exclusions include, but are not limited to the conditions mentioned.

For general warranty and return procedures please refer to our full warranty document.