At Klika we provide extensive warranty and after sales customer support for all trampoline purchases.

This includes warranty on all parts and accessories against faulty workmanship or manufacturing.

Trampolines must be installed on a flat, solid, level surface & be properly secured in the event of windy conditions.

A trampoline MUST NOT BE installed on (including but not limited to such surfaces as) stones, gravel, crushed rock, sand, uneven grass, uneven concrete, soft or other loose surfaces.
Improper installation or usage not in accordance with these instructions may result in serious injury and/or damage to the product, voiding all implied and express warranties.

Klika will not cover specific warranty claims on products including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Rips and tears in nets
  • General wear and tear to pole protectors
  • Broken or bent safety net poles
  • General wear and tear to the Jump-Mat
  • Rips or tears in the mat caused by shoes,boots, or other hard items used on the mat
  • Fading appearance of any part of the product due to sun or weather
  • Warping of the frame (caused by installation or use on uneven ground)
  • Damage due to wind where the trampoline was not securely fastened to the ground where required

To initiate a return please open a new support ticket in our support portal: click here.

This is a category specific detailed warranty document highlighting specific problems only. The warranty and warranty exclusions include, but are not limited to the conditions mentioned.
For general warranty and return procedures please refer to our full warranty document.